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Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential for all businesses who want to be able to project their earnings and therefore their tax payable at 30th June.

We can help you to save tax before the year ends by examining your current activity and performance of your business. We then forecast the tax payable and assess how this can be reduced or delayed.

We will assist you with tax minimisation strategies including depreciation, SBE concessions, superannuation and other accelerated deductions.

Our service is tailored to your business and to your situation and we can support your business with assessments of your income and expenditure with our technical knowledge and business experience.

You may also need to consider your STP obligations. Are you a business who draws money from your business as a Director fee or as wages? If you are not a sole trader, you must report your wages quarterly to the ATO so please contact us if you are not already meeting this obligation.

Please contact Vanessa either by email or at the office 9773 3647 to arrange this planning for your business

As always, please contact us with any queries or accounting support you require.

Take care

Vanessa and the team at Mirandas

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