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Second Business Expansion Grant closes Monday 14th September

This grant is different because it relates to Stage 4 lockdowns, which was not industry based, but for all non-permitted work places.

There are many rules and criteria, but generally if your business is

- Registered for work safe and GST

- Is entitled to Job keeper (for your nominated self, or employees and had a downturn in one month)

- In Melbourne

Then you may be entitled to this grant.

We suggest that you consider whether you should have been or should be registered for work cover if you are not currently registered.

We strongly recommend that you review your turnover for the past few months, and compare it to last years monthly turnover and previous months of this year turnover. Also for you to consider that your turnover (being either your banked income or invoiced income) may be or will be lower for September by 30%.

You can register yourself via Business Victoria website, or you can contact us to do this for you.

But you must apply before Monday 11.59pm

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