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Our office is changing

Good evening As you are aware, we are in a state of disaster and our accounting office has been closed by our state government As such, we will be preparing to close our physical office immediately but before Wednesday evening. We are writing to you to let you know our plans and thoughts.  I will be working from home and you can contact me on email : Until we work out the logistics and prepare for working from home, all our staff may not be available to you immediately and we thank you for your understanding as we adjust to our new way of work. You should like our Facebook page, be connected to our web page blogs, and stay on emails so that we can keep you well informed of the support available to your business. In addition, if you are unable to email us you can:

  • Drop documents into our drop box located in our garage door at our office

  • Post items to our PO Box

  • Leave a message on our answering machine which will be checked each day.

The details and laws have not yet passed parliament, and therefore we do not have access to the full information but we will support as always where we can. We believe that the ATO and ASIC will need to grant 6 week extensions and beyond for all business lodgement requirements, including for workcover, super and state revenue.  If our office must close, we can not administer these functions for you, and therefore you will be entitled to extensions. I have also attached the list of businesses that must close in order to assist you, however, I am sure more details will follow in the coming days

Please remember to contact us if you are unsure or have queries and we thank you for your patience with us at this adjusting time.  We will respond to all our clients as soon as we can. We wish you all great health and success during this time, and remember to breathe, take one step at a time and you will survive through this economic and health disaster we have upon us. Take care Vanessa and the team at Mirandas

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