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Business Beware!

ASIC has changed the way you own your business name. This change was initiated in 2012, but you must act before 1 November 2018! From November, unless you trade in a company – you will need to register your business name with ASIC to attach it to your trading ABN. If you do not do this, the public ABR register may show incorrect details to the public or your suppliers etc so you must register your name with ASIC. We can do this for you. Our fees are $165 plus the ASIC registration fee of $35 for one year, or $85 for three years. Or, you can do this yourself at Here's an example. Miranda Accounting Pty Ltd is the trustee for the Miranda Family Trust. We trade in the Miranda Family Trust, however, we trade using the name Miranda Accounting. We will register the name Miranda Accounting with ASIC under the Miranda Family Trust so that when you search our ABN – you will see our business name. Please contact us with any queries or questions on 9773 3647 because we are here to help your business with these changes.

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