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Small Business Digital Adaption Program

Only 16 days to register for the Small Business Digital Adaption Program.

We have previously communicated with you that Business Victoria are offering $1,200 to help Victorian sole traders / small businesses adapt to a digital operating environment.

Now that the programs have been released, we are very pleased to inform you that Xero and MYOB are participating in this program.

What this means for you?

If you currently are not using MYOB or Xero you maybe eligible for the $1,200 rebate from Business Victoria. You can be currently using MYOB for your Bookkeeping system and would like to change across to Xero and vice versa.

The rebate is available on the condition you haven’t used this software before.

You need to register for this program using the link below, then you will need to sign up for the programs ongoing subscription and confirm this with Business Victoria.

(Business Victoria will contact you to ensure you are continuing to use the product)

For further questions and other products available please contact Business Victoria on 13 22 15

We have provided their website link below for more information and for you to register.

Payment of your invoices to our office

To ensure that your payments are receipted and allocated correctly please remember to include your client reference number and/or invoice number when making payments via bank transfers.

Payments that are made to our account that do not quote reference numbers are automatically allocated to the oldest outstanding invoice

If you would like to send through remittance at any time please address to

This ensures there is no delays with the lodgment of your information with The ATO.

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