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Merry Christmas!

I wanted to tell you about some changes that have happened within Miranda Accounting this year and wish you a Merry Christmas.

I hope that you get lots of sunshine, success and happiness through this Christmas and the new year.

It seems to have been another difficult year for most and I am hoping that the break will provide everyone an opportunity to rest and start a wonderful year Next Year!

The pandemic changed our state so much and I hope that we supported you as much as we could through the continued effects of it. I have decided to give our office an extra few weeks break. We generally have a very quiet month during January so we will not reopen until 23 January next year. Emails will be monitored regularly, but not every day through this time. We will be closing our office for staff lunch at 1pm Thursday 22nd December to celebrate our year.

As much as I have resisted doing so, from next year we will be increasing our pricing to varying amounts based on the time my office spends on your work. Please make sure that you call me if you wish to discuss this decision or if you would like a quote before we begin your accounting work.

An example is that our basic individual tax returns will raise to $200 + GST and our business tax returns will generally increase by around $150 + GST per year. I understand that no one wants to pay more, however, I can not maintain our standards without doing so and I hope that you see the benefits our office provides to you.

We are moving our practice management to Xero during our break so you may see some changes in our reporting which we hope you will like. We will be receiving discounts in the first few months so we will be encouraging you to move to Xero. If this is something you are considering now, please reply to my email so I can organise the transition for you.

We have an extension to lodge our December Business Activity Statements until the middle of March, so please send your information through in January for us to action when we return to work.

Our fundraiser is booked for March 5th at Aspendale Gardens – so please make sure you look out for all our socials and keep your diary free to meet us all there and support the Childrens Cancer Centre!

Please look to our web page for information but as always, we are here to support you so please contact me if I can be of assistance.

So many changes have happened for all of us (and as most of you know for me) so I look forward to a lot of happiness and success next year!

Take care and have a happy safe Christmas.

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