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Corona Incentive Payments

Here is a summary of key dates to help you understand applications for corona grants or payments.

The new $10, 000 for affected businesses with employees, workcover, GST registration and a 30% or more downturn for the month

These applications are open and we are processing those who have requested that we apply on their behalf. Applications close 14th September.

Job Keeper payments

The applications for July are open, and close on the 14th August. If you have had a downturn in July, you can apply for Job Keeper now. If you are already receiving Job Keeper payments, you must lodge your monthly report before this date.

The applications for August are not yet open. These applications can be made from 1st September and will close 14th September

Please remember you must have employees and be able to prove a downturn of more than 30% compared to either the previous month, or the same month of last year in order to receive either of these incentives.

As always, please contact us if we can assist you or if you have any queries

Take care

Vanessa and the Mirandas team

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